20 Point Inspection

A tune-up is a crucial service needed to maintain efficiently and operation of your furnace equipment.

     20 Point Inspection for Heating Maintenances

1. Calibrate Thermostat for accurate control and to prevent system from running longer than necessary, increasing utility usage.

2. Clean Or Replace Filters to reduce energy use, reduce heat exchanger strain, improve indoor air quality, and improve comfort.

3. Inspect Safety Switches to make sure they operate correctly.

4. Clean Burner Assembly to improve combustion, reducing the heat wasted.

5. Clean Ignition Assembly to ensure reliable operation on demand.

6. Clean And Inspect Metal to ensure safe operation and the absence of cracks from metal fatigue.

7. Verify Flue Draft to ensure dangerous gas by-products are properly venting to the outdoors and flue pipe is free from obstruction.

8. Inspect Flue Pipe For Cracks to ensure no corrosion is present which can lead to cracks and the introduction of dangerous fumes into your home.

9. Test Capacitors to ensure reliable operation and continued and motor protection.

10. Inspect And Test Controls to keep operating costs low and prevent failures.

11. Adjust Fan Switches to prevent wasted energy and excess sound levels from nuisance cycling.

12. Clean And Adjust Blower Assembly to extend motor life, improves air quality, and reduces sound.

13. Visually Inspect Ductwork to identify obvious leaks, which reduce system efficiency and increase utility expense.

14. Inspect Air Flow to ensure proper air flow across the coil for proper humidity removal and reliable operation.

15. Tighten Electrical Connections to ensure uninterrupted system operation.

16. Lubricate All Moving Parts to maintain efficiency and extend equipment life.

17. Adjust Fuel Mixture To Gas Valve to prevent wasted fuel, run times and over heating the heat exchanger.

18. Measure Voltage And Amperage to identify baseline operating conditions.

19. Temperature Differential to insure system is getting a 18 degree to 22 degree split from return to supply vents.

20. Installation Quality to insure the system is installed properly and up to code.