Thermostat Controls

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Your HVAC thermostat is your control center in your efforts to keep cool in Phoenix, so it’s important to recognize when it’s no longer working as well as it should. If you notice any of the following problems, they may be a sign that your thermostat is malfunctioning.

Common Signs of Needing a New Thermostat

The home is too hot or too cold. There could be a variety of reasons your home is the wrong temperature, but a common one is that the thermostat isn’t sending the right signals to the rest of your system.

The system won’t turn on. It could be that your heating unit or air conditioner is just broken, but it’s also a strong possibility that it’s just not getting the order from your thermostat.

The system won’t turn off. This one is almost definitely a sign that your HVAC thermostat is malfunctioning. Either it hasn’t realized that your home has surpassed the desired temperature, or it’s incapable of telling your system to power down.

Whether those problems are caused by your thermostat or anything else, the HVAC professionals here at Superstition Cooling can help you diagnose and correct the problem. Get in touch with us at any time, and we’ll get your home comfortable again as soon as possible.

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We at Superstition Cooling have been providing Phoenix area HVAC services for over 15 years, and that includes plenty of experience with thermostats. We can diagnose the problem, then quickly fix or replace your thermostat. We’ll even help you consider all the different options to find one with the features you want. As a family-owned business, we at Superstition Cooling treat every project like it’s in our own home. Contact us online or call us at (480) 983-7407 to get started.

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