Here at Superstition Cooling, we perform all the HVAC services our Mesa residents need. Our full-service approach is available 24 hours a day because we don’t think you should have to wait to be comfortable in your own home.

Whether you need a new system installed or HVAC repair in Mesa, you can count on us to get the job completed successfully the first time. We’ve been serving this area for more than 15 years, and have experienced just about every type of project. We’re so confident in our expert HVAC professionals that we offer warranties for all of our work.

Air Conditioning Installation in Mesa

It’s hard to imagine living without air conditioning here in Mesa, and thankfully you don’t have to. Here at Superstition Cooling, we can help you install a new A/C unit from any of the best brands in the industry. Our experts are trained to work with a wide variety of equipment, and we’ve helped people make their homes more comfortable with a new air conditioner in all of the following situations:

    • New Build– When you imagine your dream home, you probably don’t picture yourself sweating in it. We’ll help make sure your new house is cool and comfortable for many years to come.
    • Unreliable A/C – Don’t feel compelled to stand by a failing air conditioner. We supply both air conditioning systems and heat pumps, so there are plenty of options when your current system gets past the point of no return.
    • High Energy Bills – At Superstition Cooling, we’re on a mission to reduce your utility bills. Old systems become inefficient, and installing a new one will help pay for itself.
    • Ready to Upgrade – Maybe you want to add zoned cooling, or it’s just time to increase the power of your A/C unit. Either way, we’re here to help.

AC Replacement and Repair in Mesa

“When should I replace my air conditioner instead of repairing it?” That’s a question we get all the time, and it really depends on a variety of factors:

  • The age of your unit
  • How often you need HVAC repairs
  • The severity of its problems
  • Your electric bills
  • The temperature in your house

The best way to save money on air conditioning repairs is to contact a professional HVAC repair service as soon as possible. Problems don’t just take care of themselves– they actually get worse over time. By nipping poor performance in the bud, you increase the chance that you’ll be able to reduce the cost of your HVAC service.

Our Mesa air conditioning professionals will give you an honest professional opinion about all of your options. We’ll be upfront about the short term and long term costs of repairing vs. replacing an A/C. No matter which path you decide to take, we’ll complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible to make your home comfortable again.

Heater Installation in Mesa

It doesn’t get bitterly cold very often in Mesa, but it’s still common for the weather to get colder than most people want their houses. Your heater or furnace normally won’t be able to circulate comfortable air through your house as well once it starts to get older than 10 or 15 years old. At that time, it’s probably time to think about installing a new heater in Mesa. Of course, you should also consider your heating plan as you build a new home.

Superstition Cooling employs the best HVAC technicians Mesa has to offer. When you’re building a new home in the area, or when you’re ready to move on from your previous heater, we’re here to help. We’ll install a state of the art system that will make your home comfortable and stay reliable for a long time.

We completely understand that installing a new heater isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, no matter how much we happen to love it. Our friendly professional HVAC installers will make the process as quick and painless as possible for you. We’ll provide upfront pricing, show up on time with excellent equipment, and treat your home with utmost care.

Heater Replacement and Repair in Mesa

There’s some variation in how long furnaces and heat pumps will last, so consider the following signs when you’re deciding whether to repair or replace your heater:

    • Age – You can normally expect that a heat pump will last for around 10 years, or you can get about 15 years from a furnace. Sometimes you get lucky with a couple of extra years, or you may have a unit that doesn’t quite hit its life expectancy.
    • Repairs – If your heater is giving you one problem after another, maybe you should move on. It’s often less expensive to get a reliable new unit than it is to repair a faulty one on a regular basis.
    • Bills – Know whether your heat pump or furnace uses gas or electric in Mesa, and watch the associated utility bill. If you see big increases in cost year after year, it probably means your unit isn’t running at peak efficiency.
    • Warning Signs – Unusual noises, smells, and changes in humidity are all signs that something might be wrong with your heater. Call a professional HVAC repair service as soon as possible before the problem gets worse.
    • Comfort – Does your home consistently stay at the right temperature? This is the most important factor!

Air Duct Repair in Mesa

When your utility bills are rising, your home is becoming uncomfortable, or you notice inconsistent temperatures throughout the house, the problem could be the air ducts. Even if the heating and air conditioning units are in good shape, they can’t do their jobs without good ductwork. Leaking or blocked air ducts fail to deliver the treated air appropriately. Get them cleaned and inspected to make sure they’re not causing HVAC problems.

Maybe it’s not a big deal to you if one room is consistently hotter or colder than the rest of your home, but it’s still important to take action. Inefficient ductwork puts unnecessary strain on your HVAC equipment, which is likely to lead to serious problems. Overworked air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps don’t last as long. Make sure the entire system is healthy to help keep utility bills low, reduce your need for repairs, and make your HVAC unit last longer.

Our experts identify blocks and leaks to balance your system and reduce energy bill costs. Repairs, cleaning, and improved insulation can all make it easier for your HVAC system to make your home comfortable. We’ll help your air get to the appropriate place without losing its temperature.

Repair or Replace HVAC in Mesa

We at Superstition Cooling are your local source for residential HVAC services. As a family-owned and operated business, we can truly say that every customer we serve is also a neighbor. Our commitment to community will shine through in the high caliber of service and professionalism you receive from every Mesa HVAC professional who works at Superstition Cooling.

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“I have had my air conditioner repaired by Superstition Cooling. Some other guy told me that I needed a new unit and Shawn repaired it by simply replacing the compressor. The unit still works perfect today, and he repaired it about two years ago.

” – Jared J.